Strip soft finishes

Strip soft finishes

You will need:

Colron Wax Remover, Colron Medium Steel Wool (000) to reach bare wood, Colron Fine Steel Wool (00000) to reach original finish.



Directions For Stripping back to the bare wood:

  1. Dip a piece of Colron Medium Steel Wool into Colron Wax remover and rub along the grain until the surface becomes sticky
  2. Keep applying until the surface has been removed, then rub down with a clean piece of Medium Steel Wool dipped in wax remover.
  3. Leave to dry before rubbing down with dry steel wool.

Directions for stripping back to the original finish:

  1. Apply Colron Wax Remover using Colron Fine Steel Wood (00000) rubbing gently over surface until old finish has been dissolved.
  2. Wipe off with a clean cloth leaving the surface finish intact.